Saturday, January 27, 2018


I was a quilter, I would love to be a quilter once again.  I love the process, the learning and the finished product, so what happened?  Well I stopped teaching quilting, I became so busy with my homebased business and family that I simply put it all aside.  For 3 years now I haven't made a quilt and I miss it.  Yesterday I pulled out some unfinished quilts and I wondered if I could stamp out some time each week to get creative again with patchwork.  My hobbies take time, they are not quick creative fixes and I do tend to jump from one to another, I've tried stopping one and obviously that hasn't worked as I want to do it over all my other crafts!

Let me show you some quilts that I had hidden in a wardrobe, there are different styles and fabrics because I love so many different things when it comes to quilting, I love bright modern quilts but I also love batiks and vintage fabrics.  I've never had a style as such because there are so many options out there and depending on the day, I just fall in love with a certain pattern or fabric and just want to make something from it.

It's time to get those quilts out of the wardrobe and on show.  I picked up this wire basket from Kmart for $9 and it fits 5 or 6 six quilts in it, I'm not sure where it will sit as yet but I love the look.

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