Thursday, February 15, 2018


I've been reducing our household waste for some time now and thought I would show you a fortnightly plastic reduced shop that I did yesterday.

Now my shop might not look like much so I will explain a few things.

While I am vegan, my family is not so you will see lots of non vegan foods.
I buy Who Gives A Crap toilet paper that is wrapped in paper.
I get an organic locally grown veggie box every week.
I keep a well stocked pantry with staples.
We have chickens so collect our own eggs.
All soft plastics are collected for the Redcycle bin.

Lets begin...
Left to Right:
*Tortillas in soft plastic, that's an oops, I should be making my own but wasn't really thinking of it at the time.
*Chips for school snacks, I buy the extra large packets to reduce wastage.
*Bread, I try to make my own or buy at Baker's Delight and use my own fabric bread bags but I went to the local store right before my shop and they were closed for renovations.
*Kitty Litter made from recycled paper and in a paper bag.
*Fruit and veg with no single use plastic bags, I use my own reusable net bags.  I also bought a whole pumpkin as cut pumpkin was wrapped in plastic.
*Vegetable oil, not happy with this one but hubby wanted to fry fish and chips and I could not find any vegetable oil in glass or a tin.
*Flour in paper, not the coated plastic type wrap.
*Juice for the kids in cardboard cartons.
*Maple Syrup, cordial and soda water all in glass bottles.
*Vegan ice cream in cardboard container.
*Tins of tomatoes and pineapple.
*Honey in glass jar.
*Paper wrap for school lunches, unfortunately comes wrapped in plastic.
*Butter for our butter bell kept on the bench for spreading etc.
*Nutalex, I have to buy that in a plastic container.
*Deli Meat, in single use plastic wrapped in paper, I must try and use my own containers.
*Jars for pantry.
*Cat food, would love to find this in cardboard but they have switched to plastic.
*Meat on sale and in plastic, the rest of the meat will be bought from a butcher with no trays and minimal plastic.

Wow I thought I had done quite well but after typing this out, I can see I have such a long way to go.  Small steps,


  1. I tried to find oil for frying in glass as well but to no avail ☹

  2. I know, I hardly ever buy a vegetable oil but Darren wanted it and I suprised that there wasn't a packaging alternative.


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