Monday, July 4, 2016

Getting my frugal pants back on

Well I never really took them off but have been a little slack this year I must admit.

It's easy to let things slide when you are travelling and working quite a bit but I think I'm finding a routine in the chaos.

Sourdough Bread

Planning for me is key, anyone who knows me well knows I'm a list girl so planning out my week goes without saying.  I block off outside work, school and sport commitments, meditation class (anything that is a regular event) then I write down my home business working hours.  After all of that I block some time to make sourdough, bulk cook, make soap, gardening etc etc.  These things take time and I find that if I don't work them into my week then they don't get done.

I need to work more efficiently, get off the computer haha.  I get so much satisfaction in putting in a good day's work be it inside the home or at my workplace.

Organisation is key.

Some new products for Eco Aarde.

Tomorrow morning before I head out to work I want to go right through our kitchen cupboards and donate lots of items to charity, my main aim is to have another cupboard free to stockpile food.  There are so many items that we simply don't use or need, I mean who needs 16 coffee cups?  Such a waste of space.  I'm looking forward to a big clean out.

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