Saturday, June 18, 2016

The course of this year.....

This year I cut down from 3 part-time jobs to 2,  I stopped teaching sewing and quilting as class numbers were unpredictable and I had so much going on in my personal life that it was all too hard.  I miss the girls but am happier not teaching.  Giving up teaching freed up some time to start making and selling my products again.  I only did 2 markets of the summer season and absolutely loved being back out talking to people about my products.  Hopefully I can fit in lots of markets after winter but that all depends on L's cricket schedule and all the travel that comes with it.

Over the past couple of years I have started so many new projects and sadly I don't see most though to the finish.  Lately I get bored easily and just want to move on to something new.  Eco Aarde is helping with this as I'm held accountable and need to have certain products finished especially when selling online and in a friend's shop locally.  This winter I had planned to really get a stockpile of product finished but of course I've been working non-stop at my main paid job and haven't really got a handle on that yet.  As of next week my hours will be less but S has Eisteddfod's in a couple of weeks and I still have a tutu to complete.  Haha, it's never ending.

Some things I have been working on are:

Lots of gorgeous cotton rope bowls

A couple of crochet and driftwood boho hangings.

I'm so in love with my natural stone/lava bead essential oil diffuser bracelets.

A crochet along, this is fun!

Trying out t-shirt yarn, not that easy to keep flat with some of the patterns out there.

Now after a lot of thought and you tube tutorials, I decided to make a rather large purchase and buy a 32" Ashford rigid heddle loom.  My loom came last week and I have been spending any spare time learning and playing.  

My first weave.

After being cut this lovely cloth became dish cloths.  My aim to to get good enough to make these to sell on my market stall, they are so much quicker to make than crocheting and as I don't earn any extra from my crochet cloths it would be nice to at least get a little bit for my time with these.

Yesterday I started on a lovely soft scarf, learning a couple of new techniques as I progress, hopefully I'll finish this tomorrow to show.

Well that's show and tell for tonight, I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I've been up to.

Namaste, Sue

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