Monday, August 12, 2013


Well I've found my poor sewing machine under a pile of crap and thought I'd give her a good clean and then actually doing some sewing with her to dust off the cobwebs.

This is a quilt made by a lady in my Thursday night quilting class that she wanted quilted, yes I know, you would think that they would want to quilt their own quilts but after years of teaching sadly that generally isn't the case.  My ladies love to create the quilts but have no interest in quilting them LOL.  That's where I come in and it puts a little extra in the kitty too.

The above was made with gorgeous Prints Charming prints as is the focus print below.  I intend these wonky squares to make up a couple of very cute cot size quilts.

More yummy goodness just waiting for me to cut into. 

It felt really nice to sew again after a little break, I look forward to designing some new quilts to sell in the near future.


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  1. Love all those fabrics Sue.
    Oh I can totally relate to the ladies in your patchwork classes. My pile of UFOs will attest to that!


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