Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Well I'm all caught up with my Project Life. This past month I've struggled with time and not having enough photos. The perfectionist in me won't let me skip a week so for week 20 I went for stroll around our garden and snapped away.

I am still loving Project Life more than ever and I know I will finish the whole year, just some weeks are easier than others. Simple was the key to getting these layouts done, it really doesn't matter how simple you make it, the pages are telling a story and that is all that matters. I printed out more freebie journaling cards this week, there are so many out there but finding a good cardstock to print them on where I live isn't easy. I now buy large sheets from Lincraft and cut them down myself, they are a good weight and have a slight gloss to them but it's not the most economical way to do it.

WEEK 20 - left page

Close Ups - left page

WEEK 20 - right page

Close Up - right page

WEEK 20 - full layout

WEEK 21 - left page

Left Page - close ups

WEEK 21 - right page

Right Page - close ups

WEEK 21 - full layout

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  1. I often wonder how other PL'ers print out the freebies so it was nice to read what you do. I sometimes use high resolution brochure paper. This gives me nice bright colors but then it can be hard to actually write on them. I've also tried cardstock but it seems like the paper just sucks up the ink and things are faded.

    I love your garden photos, they may have been essentially "filler" photos but I think it's important to capture stuff like your garden and how the world looks around your home.

  2. Hi Sue, beautiful pages for both weeks, its wonderful the the girls gave their time to collect for the salvos, the salvos are fantastic , love the garden pics, l really enjoy taking shoots of my garden, l just brought the same pockets and they arrived yesterday, so l might use them for next week, hope mime turns out just as nice as yours, have a great week


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