Saturday, June 2, 2012


This week I wandered the op shops and found some cute vintage pillowcases to add crochet edging too.

While looking around I spotted this awesome piece of retro fabric, for 50c it was mine. I was thinking about hemming it and making a tablecloth for Gertie Mae (campervan), but it's a little short. I seriously can't stop looking at it.

I visited Spotlight and bought some of my favourite Denyse Schmidt fabrics for 30% off.

I also purchased these sweet placemats for 50c each, look at the edging, just darling.

I am super excited to nearly have finished this project, any guesses? I want it finished before we go away in Gertie Mae next weekend.

and that was my week of crafty goodness, now to keep working on the above project. Have a lovely weekend.


  1. You have such a good eye for fabrics Sue, I never find the good stuff. With the piece of material that you like for the tablecloth, could you attach/applique it to a larger piece? As you know I'm no sewer so maybe it won't work.

    My guess: it's a lovely bag of some sort.

  2. Love the placemats Sue! For your tablecloth, maybe you could add a border with some nice matching fabric or crochet a pretty border depending on how short it is.


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