Monday, May 28, 2012


My Mother's Day present arrived today.

I have been waiting to buy this book all year, since I began crocheting actually. I have looked through it at our local Spotlight store but refused to pay $45 for it. Darren said I should order it online for Mother's Day, so I did and it only cost $15 with free postage, of course that meant I had to wait a couple of weeks for it, but for that saving, I'm happy!

Tonight will be spent by the fire with book in hand and a cup of green tea by my side. Lovely.

I'll leave you with what was a new toy for Dante that Sophie made. We went to the shops for a few minutes and here is what we came back too.

Dante found the toy, destroyed the toy, then didn't even try to move away from the evidence.


  1. Did you order through Fishpond? I find them quite good and freight free.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Great book choice! I have this one too and I love it and I have made a few of the blocks. I sure you will have many hours/days/weeks of fun with it!

  3. I did order through Fishpond Joolz, I usually go through them or The Book Depository.

    I can't wait to start making up some blocks Suzanne.

  4. Oh Sue you are going to love that book. I bought mine probably about 8 years ago it's awesome!

  5. I have this book on watch on eBay. It is $24 on there, free postage. Might go take a look at fishpond :)


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