Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The kids are back at school tomorrow so hopefully I will be able have more time to show what I've been up to in my little crafty world. For now, here is week 16 of Project Life. ::WARNING:: There is blood.

Week 16 - Left Page

Close Ups - Footy is back and Dan learnt the hard way what under 16's is all about.
I loved watching Sophie play on the fence around the footy oval.
I haven't seen those eyebrows for months. It's so nice to see this face.
This rainbow appeared at the football on Sunday, so pretty.

Week 16 - Right Page

Close Ups - Round 1 for Lachie also and he was asked to play for the under 14's as well as his under 12A team. These games play one after the other so he will be very tired Sunday nights.
Our trees finally know it's Autumn and are staring to put on a show.
This is Sophie's room before we tossed lots of stuff.
This is the after..... Now we just need to paint the walls and get rid of the big white patch.

Week 16 - Full Layout

Thanks for looking, I have to say that I am not sick of Project Life in the least, quite the opposite actually, I get very excited each week completing my layouts and all of the family just loves what I am doing. I have re-invented our honeymoon album for the 4th time and am now using the Project Life way to scrap all of our wonderful memories as I can fit so many more photos in and get them scrapped quickly.
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  1. LOL!!! Yes and heaps of it too.

  2. Hi Sue, great pages, hope your son is feeling better now, one of my sons used to play footy,so glad he gave it away, he loved it but wasn't a natural at it and when it came time for the under 16's , he didnt want to play anymore, l use to worry so much as there was nothing of him compared to all the bigger boys on the team, l dont ofen do 12x12 anymore, most of my pages are now pockets, but sometimes l through in a biggy, helps me use up my stash of old products, love the rain bow, l took my first rainbow pic this week too, should be in PL next week, and lovvvvvvvvvvve that clean bedroom,the detail card looks awesome,and the changing of the season trees looks great too, have a wonderful week Sue

  3. Love your pages! I have 3 girls - maybe I was lucky to miss footy as a sport!?! Great pics of the autumn leaves, its such a beatiful time of year!

  4. These are fantastic, I love them all!!

  5. Great pages! I'm still struggling a bit with PL, but love love love the's taking a bit more effort than what I anticipated, but when I use the kit only, I end up disappointed...yet to find a happy medium :)


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