Saturday, December 17, 2011


:: gifts wrapped
:: gifts stamped
:: messages written (more to be added if the mood takes me)
:: ribbon tied and curled
Wrapping this way was fun and a little more personal than the usual Christmas wrapping.

After making my Christmas bunting I wanted to make more so I'm now hooking some cute mini bunting for girls (boys to come). I wasn't happy with the way the edges looked so I've added a border in a contrasting colour around the edges. I love them now, they're so cute. These bunting are made with 100% wool to keep in line with my natural products I intend to sell. I'm still sourcing organic wool, so for the moment this will do.


  1. your presents look so lovely!

    I like the edge you put on these bunting you made. Makes them look finished.

  2. Hi SUE!!

    how are you?

    I am having a flickr evening.

    <it's a little lonely though.


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