Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I spent some time sourcing some organic threads online, hmmm that's not as easy as I thought it would be.

I had better luck with the stuffing, I will be making softies etc using Innergreen's corn fibre filling:

Innergreen™ have taken the time to research, develop, and produce a sustainable Fibre Fill that is made from 100% Natural Corn.

• Innergreen™ Fibre Fill is an eco-friendly alternative to non-renewable resources.

• Less than 60% fossil fuel usage in Innergreen™ Fibre Fill manufacture, when compared to traditional synthetic polyester Fibre Fill (petroleum-based plastics such as PET or PE).
This equates to more than one tonne of CO2 emission saved per tonne of Fibre Fill.
With the future use of Wind & Solar, we hope to increase this reduction to around 90%.

• Recent Burn Test results show Innergreen™ Fibre Fill fibres are slower to ignite than many natural and synthetic fibres.
Peak energy release rate of burning Innergreen™ Fibre Fill is less than 60% that of PET Polyester. This is due to Innergreen™ Fibre Fill’s high limiting oxygen index (LOI).

• It was also found that the smoke emitted from Innergreen™ is much less toxic than other synthetic polyesters.
The conclusion being, Innergreen™ Fibre Fill is much safer, as well as being more environmentally friendly.

• Innergreen™ Fibres are non-allergenic, odour free and DO NOT support bacterial or fungal growth.

• Under controlled conditions Innergreen™ Fibre Fill is 100% compostable.
In fact by increasing the Carbon to Nitrogen (C/N) ratio in the organic waste the compost quality is actually improved !
…….so eventually, when you place your old Innergreen™ Fibre Fill in the compost bin, it really will be a Garden Bed !?!

I have ordered some organic fabrics but don't expect to see them until the new year due to postage issues over Christmas.
I went op-shopping and picked up 2 wool blankets for felting, a vintage chenille blanket and 2 vintage pillow cases. Time to start on my many ideas for the repurposed fabric while I wait for the organic fabric to arrive.

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  1. Great shopping!
    I dream of getting a nice red chenille breadspread for each of my boys


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