Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's been on my mind since I began selling my products at our local market in January this year and I have finally come to a decision about the type of product I want to sell.

Starting in the new year I will be selling a range of products made from eco, earth friendly materials. My aim is to offer items made from organic fabrics, natural stuffing and thread. I also want to produce a range from pre-loved, recycled fabrics.

While I have shelves full of gorgeous fabric, they are also produced with a lot of chemicals and that makes me uneasy at times, so while I will still make items with the fabrics I have on hand, my hope is to not buy anymore.

The range of organic fabrics is increasing all of the time with big name designers bringing out gorgeous lines and I have high hopes that this will continue. Ultimately I would love to be able to buy all of my organic lines within Australia to reduce my carbon footprint but for the moment I will have to purchase from overseas as the Australian market is so expensive. The good news is the items I produce this way shouldn't cost much more than the other items.

Going down this road makes perfect sense to me, I eat organically where possible, we don't use chemicals in the home for cleaning and we try and recycle and re-use as much as possible therefore it's only natural that I would want to make things as naturally as I can.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you buy quality home-made products using earth friendly materials over chemically produced?


  1. As a non-sewer I am very excited Sue. I would love to buy such products and would be willing to pay a premium for them and have less. Good luck!

  2. What what what....have you been reading my mind? This is exactly what I have in the works for myself next year. Mind you I've been procrastinating about starting for 12 months.

    I think there is a market for these types of items, seems the time is right.

  3. Glad to read that your last market went well. Hope Sophie and Lachie had great birthdays. Best of luck on the new ideas and great things to you in 2012.

  4. I think that is AWESOME Sue that you can do that! I have a very conscientious 7 year old boy who loves his environment and I can see him "saving the planet" when he's older - my problem is the extra cost, but if its the same price that is fab news! Looking forward to seeing what you use and what you come up with - I was really excited seeing all the fab things you create! Hoping we can catch up for a creative get-together sometime :) xoxo Charmane PS see you at the market i guess?

  5. well Suejoy, I think for one you are very committed and for two, it is a great idea...

    I am keen to see what you do with the repurposed fabrics!!

  6. oopps...didn't mean to post twice. I have such difficulty figuring out this complicated posting style with too many choices to choose from and i mess it up seems like everytime I comment...


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