Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Dante thinks he rules this house, we let him think that.
Heidi, the pug and Snoozle the outside scary cat both have their presents but of course I had to leave one sewing project to do right when I have absolutely no time. He really needs is own quilt when he sleeps on the couch so I don't always have to clean up the fur left behind. I'm sure he will like it, the print suits him.

I've spent the day planning, gathering and cooking Christmas food. We are having a simple BBQ here at home but I wanted to make some special treats.
We are trying these out tonight after our annual pre-Christmas, Christmas meal together
Merry Berry Tarts

Brazil Nut & Almond Brittle

and tonight's pre-Christmas, Christmas meal.......
Fried Rice and Chicken & Cashews
not very Christmasy I know, but that's what the people wanted.

I'm off to set the table and tomorrow will be another day of cooking. I will be making these yummies up to Christmas lunch.
Beetroot dip
Green beans with toasted almonds
more merry berry tarts
mushroom, leek & bacon stuffing for the Chicken
smashed roast potato salad


  1. mmm yum
    wishing you and your family a merry christmas

  2. Have a great day Sue-the food sounds/looks yummy!!


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