Monday, January 26, 2009


is starting school tomorrow. I'm not feeling very good about this, she is my little baby and I am not ready. I worry about her, she has never been in a class situation before as I taught her kindy at home, I don't know how I will feel without that constant chatter and playing going on around me. I'm getting teary just typing this.

On the positives, she is soooo excited and can't wait to meet and play with lots of kids, she wants to learn so much more than I can teach her (as I just don't know the correct way of teaching her). I know she will be happy at school.

I just can't believe it's tomorrow, I've been in denial and have just pushed any thoughts of her going aside.

I will be creating this afternoon, my thoughts need to be elsewhere so I will be back.


  1. Awww....Sue, I know I will be the same way with Em, too. I have a little tear for you. :(

    Hope all goes well tomorrow! Maybe creating will take your mind off of it and the day will go by quickly! :)

  2. i know exactly how you feel , i felt the same wen George started school last fall he is only 4 so it was very stressful for me. he just loves school and even want to go on weekend. i think we as mother's worry more than they do.

  3. I think she will be fine Sue. And the fact that she is looking forward to it is the battle won!
    Have a good day tomorrow :)

  4. i forgot...before you know it, she will be ready to leave school and head out into the big wide world. Believe me, it happens in the blink of an eye.

  5. Hi Sue, tell Sophie we will be thinking of her tomorrow on her big day. Love the new look blog page Sue, its awesome.

  6. yeah.
    it'll be a hard one.
    I am excited for her though cause she will love making new friends, and learning heaps of stuff! great that you cultivated that desire to learn in her. I hope you get some lovely beautiful sleep tonight, and you will be such a lovely beautiful mommy sending her girl off with kisses and hugs and great big smiles....
    What did you create?
    I like what you've done with your blog. The colour and the butterlies. it's really pretty.
    take care Sue,
    Lisa xx oo

  7. were you brave, Sue? i hope the day wasn't too hard for you and i hope it was everything that Sophie was expecting.


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