Tuesday, January 27, 2009

She had a great first day, I'm so glad!!! I did not fair so well I'm afraid. I moped about all day not really achieving much. Someone made a comment to me about Sophie not being my baby anymore, I beg to differ, all three are still and always will be my babies.
I started the morning by waking at 6am to make them pancakes for their first day, they went down really well and I'm guessing they want more tomorrow.


  1. glad to hear that Sophie's day went well. Sorry that your day didn't. The photos are great hey!? I hope your heart will start to feel happier soon.
    lots of hugs,
    and maybe a few shots to the stomach just to get you on your guard and thinking about defending yourself rather than how sad you're feeling!
    xx oo

  2. I meant to say I like your new banner. It's great.

  3. Sophie looks very happy. I just love those shoes of hers! I hope now that the first day is over you will be feeling better Sue :)

  4. She is so cute!!!! I love the school dress ( is this the uniform?).

  5. Glad Sophie's day went well - hope yours improves! ;) She looks adorable there with her big brothers in the photo!

  6. I am glad to hear Sophie had so much fun!She will enjoy it more every day,no doubt!
    Sweet Sue,i know just how you feel! Setara has been going to school now for 6 months and i still have days that i walk around like a zombie,looking at the clock every hour,counting until i can go get her..but i know she is having fun so that makes it easier:))
    I also have days that just fly by and i get a lot more stuff done around the house lol!!
    btw,Sophie looks so pretty in her dress with her long curls!
    I love that pic with her and the boys! They look so smart!

  7. Oh Suejoy how grown up wee Sophie looks in her uniform, I bet she had a ball & came home buzzing with excitment

  8. Good to read that little Sophie had a great first day and looks adorable :)


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