Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here is something fun I'm playing with, it's nowhere near finished but at least is cut out. Hopefully it will look like you are looking out of a window when it is finished.

Next up is a peek at an album I'm putting together for the kids about their holiday they had in 2008 with their grandparents to The Grampians.

I decided when I joined in with 52Q that I would also finish Em's challenge from 2007. Every week I typed out Em's prompt with the intention of doing it, but before I knew it, I was so far behind that I just didn't think I could catch up. This is the year and here is the first layout. The prompt is "something you are proud of". I am using a deck of oversized cards that I bought for this project way back in 2007, I even painted some backgrounds back then also. The leaves behind the bird are a handmade lino stamp stamped with paint.

Now for some cute photos....

Our Heidi baby is growing so fast, she has been with us for 5 weeks and has doubled in size and weight. We took her to my parents today to have a little holiday with them as we are going on our annual seaside holiday on Tuesday for a week.
So I hope everyne has a lovely week, I know we will and I'll be back next Sunday with some pics.


  1. i don't like sneak peeks. i want to see it all. hmph. double hmph.

    but you made up for it with the photos of your babies. enjoy the holiday, Sue.

  2. your window project looks intriguing, can't wait to see more.
    Love the crocheted flower too.

  3. i am wondering if it will be for Pam's CJ as it is what is outside your window...... hmm maybe that's why it's only a sneak peak.
    can't wait to see all your finished products.

  4. Love that art journal page! Can't wait to see the full reveal of the cathedral window!

  5. I love your sneaks- can't wait to see all!!!!!

  6. Hello Sue!

    i just thought I would come by your blog and leave some comments for you to read when you came back, and when I think of something worthwhile to say I will be back....

  7. Sneaky!! I love it! The quilt looks great! Are you doing fusible or needleturn?

    Love your journal page - I want to try to carve some of my own stamps. Hope you have a wonderful trip! :)

  8. Wow Sue, the sneak peaks sure have me wanting to see more! I'm really intrigued by the window one too and can't wait to see what you have in mind :)
    Aga xx


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