Friday, January 30, 2009


Well there's not as much creating going on this week as I would have liked, but I did manage to finish off a project or two. Besides moping about and feeling a little lost, it's been 40+ all week and I am sooooo over it. Poor Darren is on holidays so he has copped the brunt of it. No wonder he had gone fishing so much!!!
Today I kept the kids home from school, they are exhausted from the heat and we haven't been sleeping all that well, so the little pool came out and look who joined in on the fun, she must have been hot as she can't stand it when I give her a bath!
I have finished the wall-hanging

and some of the pages in a holiday album except the journaling, I want the kids imput with the journaling as I wasn't there on this holiday.

Let me draw your attention to the right side of the next page. Lachie has this uncanny knack of finding rocks that look like other things. Meet "bum rock" he has supplied the kids with truck loads of giggles and fits of laughter.


  1. You have gone from not so hot weather to the extreme Sue! I haven't felt like doing much either. The heat makes you tired doesn't it! The bum rock is great. Your banner rocks too!

  2. Now that's a big bum!! At last we have some cool air at night to help us sleep!!

  3. The wall hanging looks stunning Sue!! and the bum rock cracked me up ;)

    Aga xx

  4. lol
    bum rock.
    Heidi is so cute in the water.
    I bet the kids enjoyed the day off on Friday.


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