Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not much craftiness to share this week, my back has been giving me so much grief that I just don't feel like doing much at all.

Today I did start a Christmas gift for a very special friend, I also attempted some gel medium transfers using junk mail (they didn't turn out very well), so I'm back to sitting down with a heat pack behind me and surfing the net.

I do have to go to work tonight and will hopefully finish the top of Sophie's birthday quilt, maybe I'll take a picture of that one tomorrow so you all won't get to bored with me.

I hope everyone is having a happy, active week.


ps: I'm having a fantastic time re-living and jotting down memories thanks to Jessica Sprague's classes.

Oh and Lisa if you are reading, YOU WIN, yes you are the best, there I said it and yes I will be on Flickr tonight as I have been every other night and no I haven't even started on the cj's because of the above problem. LOL.


  1. Sue Brown concedes defeat?

    i can see the headlines now...

    seriously though - i would rather read that your back was feeling better.

  2. LOL!! It's not a great victory though is it?! Winning against a cripple.... I look bad even competing with you. lol
    I haven't been jotting down memories. They have to wait as well until I finish 3 CJ's. I really really want to get them finished before December 15th so I can enjoy my holidays guilt freee!!!


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