Friday, November 21, 2008

so here it is wrinkles and all, unfortunately I couldn't get to the iron without Sophie seeing what I was doing so just try and ignore the fold marks.
I can't wait to get it put together and quilted. The very hungry caterpillar is Sophie's all time favourite book, we read it every night at bed time so when this fabric came in at work I just couldn't resist it.


  1. pretty pretty pretty!!!! What wrinkles?? I didn't see any or fold marks either for that matter...... Why is it that you can sew a quilt and it doesn't hurt your back but CJ's do? You think it might be psychological? The Cj's hurt you mentally and transfer that pain to your body anytime you think of them? Best you just leave those CJ's for a while until your back heals again. There's always next year! As I said before don't feel bad about deleting my insensitive remarks! lol

  2. Lisa I only had to sew about 4 lines to complete the quilt top and was sitting down.

    I need to stand to do the cj's and just can't do that atm.

    I would never delete you. lol

  3. i think Miss Sophie will be head over heels with the quilt.

  4. Aww...this is so adorable, Sue! Em and I love that book! What a wonderful suprise for Sophie!

  5. HEY!!! get this thing updated woman! What's been going on since Nov??? NOTHING??!!! come on, i saw a beautiful photo of you and your family on flickr not that long ago...why isn't it here?

    anyhoo, i look forward to your new post soon!




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