Thursday, November 13, 2008

For the last two days, I have been busily printing, arguing with my printer, cutting card and punching holes.

Here is why.....

I can not believe how generous Jessica Sprague has been with this free 2 week class. Her downloads are gorgeous and there are over 1000 prompts just to get you thinking and writing.
A warning to those how are participating and haven't printed yet, you will need a tonne of card, look for A4 packs of white card around 160-190gsm, I found that this was the cheapest way for me.
I will embellish as I go and probably print some pp for the inside of the covers, it was really important for me to get the basics done otherwise I would be too far behind.
I can't wait for the next email from her and I can't believe I'm up-to-date. Now to do some housework....


  1. I must check that class out! looks great!

  2. Great punching Sue! I have downloaded everything but nothing printed yet. I am leaving everything until after this weekend. your book looks great! So many things to do and so little time hey! Congratulations on being up to date with it. (maybe I need to get my own printer........)

  3. wow you did it all !!!!! i am part of it too but haven't even though about printing it just yet

  4. How was your Friday Sue???? Hope the week ended alright for you. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Hi Sue, love your work. I would love to get started on the Christmas Journal as well & delve into my stash (so much fun discovering things I forgot I had). Was wondering where you get that gorgeous stamp (sorry don't know the name, the thin stick with the ball on top - don't laugh!!!). I see it everywhere and would love to get one, thanks in advance, Tiff :o)

  6. That class sounds so interesting, Sue. My friend, Nan is doing it, too. Jessica Sprague has so many great ideas - I love the idea of having so many ideas at your fingertips.


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