Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Sophie had her first school visit, I am not ready for my constant companion to leave me. I was worried that she might feel overwhelmed with it all as I taught her kindy at home and she had never been in a class situation before, but no, she LOVED IT, she happily waved me goodbye and took it all in her stride.
When the boys started their visits, they cried and cried when I was about to leave, not this girl she couldn't wait and wanted to know if she would learn to read today and I might add, was very disappointed when I picked her up and she couldn't read a novel!! I'm guessing she doesn't want to spend another year at home with me (I was secretly hoping that she might want to stay home until she was 6 so I could be with my little baby for just 1 more year).

So my days with my littlest are numbered, at least I'll have Heidi to keep me busy.

Speaking of Heidi, here's what I did this afternoon.

On this layout I did one of Gloria's transparency transfers and then used some elements from her as well as the bottom of a note that Sanderijn in The Netherlands sent me and some Papier D'Armenie (yummy smelly paper) that my wonderful friend Monique sent me. Oh, and of course lets not forget the moonshadow mist on the file card.

I'm also busy making up 2 quilt tops, one for Sophie for her birthday (I'll show that on real soon) and one for our brand new lounge suite that should be here in a couple of weeks. We've never owned a new suite and are a little excited, hopefully the cat will respect the fact that we are spending a lot of money on it and will not claw it!!

For those that registered with Jessica Sprague and her fantastic new FREE workshop, I hope I will get to chat to you over there. I printed out all of the page dividers and front and back covers today, very nice, I cant wait until the next lesson.


  1. Sophie must be very excited indeed. Poor Sue. I'm sure you will cope, especially with Heidi around.

    a new lounge suite - that would be nice. Dante - no claws!

    that sure is a 'g-inspired' page! it's gorgeous.

  2. Congrats on the new addition to your family! Such a sweet face!

  3. I know how you feel Sue, Willow will be going to school from next year as well.

    Will look forward to seeing your new quilt. Lucky that Monique sent you some armenie papier. How nice of her. Your layout is so nice. Heidi is going to be a great companion for you.
    My mails from Jessica came today. There were problems with the mail apparently. Have fun with the course.

  4. love the new banner Sue. You are just soo busy! Yay for the new lounge!

  5. Love that transfer and the irregular size to your LO, Sue!

    Glad Sophie enjoyed her first day at school! I am dreading my little one going off. :)

  6. I so know how you feel, my baby started school just before she turned four last may and i miss her every day! I have had times i just stared at the clock until i could get her again lol!
    Your layout is gorgeous,very cool transfers!


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