Thursday, September 4, 2008


Lately I've been thinking a lot about collage. It consumes my creative thoughts in how to create with fabric and paper. I know how I want my collage pieces to look, I have pictures of my art in my head and on paper with sketches, but I just can't seem to get everything to be how I really want them to be.
I know I need to have more confidence in what I am trying to create, so I am posting a photo of what I am now getting back to, to put it out there and not be afraid of showing people.

I love to draw, I loved it in school and over the years have done little bits here and there and it's now that I really want to start using my own drawings in my collage work. I have done some portrait work years ago, but nowdays I am not looking for a realness I just want to draw people in my own happy way. (More to come on that though).

In school, I drew flowers, plants and animals, particularly birds. I've always loved birds, I'm not sure that I want to be exact with my colourings, but I want to draw birds, as simple as that.

A very good friend of mine called me a couple of days ago announcing that she is giving up work to create art. She is an amazing artist and I am so happy for her. We don't have the same style, I love mixed media, she is an acrylic artist and I wonder if she will appreciate my work as much as I appreciate hers. I am so excited for her and one day I will show her my work when I feel brave.

So I guess I've dribbled for long enough,
Have a lovely day


  1. Sue - this drawing is beautiful and i think you should show your friend your work. It is only since sharing with the g-girls that i have felt brave enough to share with "real" people (if you know what i mean). having said that, i love it when people share their stuff with me. You obviously have talent with sketching - be very proud of what you do - it is awesome.

  2. Wonderful Sue, I think it's good to see you going and doing something that you love.


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