Friday, July 18, 2008


the most amazing art from the most amazing people from around the world.
My friends from our "g-inspired" flickr group.
We were involved in a ATC swap with no rules except there had to be a place for the recipiant to put a photo on it. As you can see I haven't as yet put my photos on, maybe that's a job for the weekend.
There is one beautiful piece of art missing, sorry Sue B, it went missing in the post weeks ago and she is busy making me another one, but I'm just so impatient to share that I couldn't wait any longer.

Top row L-R:
Manda, Pam, Wendy, Monique(The Netherlands)
Middle row L-R:
Natalie(Canada), Gloria(Canada), Sanderijn(The Netherlands), Lisa(Japan)
Bottom row L-R
Lisa(Spain), Tammy(Canada), Lucy(Florida)

Aren't these the most gorgeous works of art??? I love them all, and these girls have inspired me in so many ways. There is a real shift in the way I am creating atm, there are so many things I have wanted to do but have been unsure about the outcome, so have put it off. Because of this amazing group, I have been experimenting with heaps of different products, most I already had and just looked at a lot. I feel free and happy with my work, so thank you girls, thank you so much.


  1. These ATCs are gorgeous:)

    Love the one with the lil' rainbow!

  2. Ha Ha Ha...
    Mine is upside down!
    Can you see the image of a girls face on it????

  3. Hi, Sue!! The ATC's look so great together.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Sorry T, oops is all I can say. It's the right way up in my album though.

  5. No, Sue - there are 2 missing - where's yours? And now i know what LisaDawn's looks like.

  6. We are sooo lucky aren't we, yes yours is missing post a picky for all to see as it is STUNNING

  7. great Sue. I like everyone else's. They are wonderful.

  8. great photo! so nice to see everyone's all together :)

    lisa in spain


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