Sunday, July 20, 2008


The weather was beautiful today so we got out in the very neglected garden and boy did we do some serious weeding and planting. The vege patch is looking yummy with the broccoli, loose leaf lettuce and peas all ready to eat.
I planted some more natives to screen off the back yard and also put in my avocado and plum trees.
I still managed to sqeeze in some time to try out this technique from Tim Holtz called "faux bleaching"

I loved the way this turned out, here is what I did:

* Stamp on your image with Perfect Medium.
* Emboss with clear embossing powder and heat.
* I used moonshadow and glimmermist in various colours on the background to get this look.
* Put butchers paper over your project and iron with a very hot iron to re-melt the embossing powder until it comes off onto the paper.
* This will take all of the embossing powder off and leave you with a flat surface with the original cardstock showing through.
* Stamp other images onto the project in black ink, then decorate as you wish.

There you have it, quick, simple and very effective.

I hope you've had a happy and productive weekend.


  1. beautiful Sue! I saw that technique on Tim Holz's Blog also, you made it beautifl with the moon shadow mist, I can see wich one you used ;)

  2. Wow this is soo beautiful, I will give it a go now, thanks for the inspiration & tute

  3. Sue, what a great day you had. I love the card, it turned out so beautifully.

  4. Sue, this is awesome...I am definately gonna go try this!

  5. its Fabulous. I love the softness.

  6. neato. and i love that bird stamp. your garden sounds yummy.


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