Sunday, March 16, 2008


I have so many old photos, you know the ones, before marriage, mortgages and children. I have to be in the right frame of mind to scrap them, and today was the day to take some old badly taken photos and try and create something from them.

Most of the elements used are from this months Q Tea kit, check them out, they have amazing kits with unusual and vintage pieces in them.

Please forgive the photography on this one, lighting was bad and with such bad photos, I found it hard to get it right.

The journaling reads:
It's been nearly 21 years since this camping trip. Wow! It feels like yesterday.
Rob being a Thunderbird, Scott and his Klinkers and heaps of drinks and laughs. Well before marriage, mortgages and kids.
Who would have thought back then that everyone in this group shot would end up being related down the track.

Just to note; Klinkers were pastel coloured hard lollies shaped sort of like eggs. Date of photos, 5/7/87.


  1. I have lots of old photo's,but i am affraid to scrap my awful hairdo lol!
    Love the tree!!

  2. I love the little tree with the owl in it!


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