Sunday, December 30, 2007


I thought I would share with you my little sanctuary.

My studio is an old caravan, I ripped out everything in it except for the seats, re-lined and painted it, re-tiled with laminate squares, made curtains and covers for the seats, then proudly furnished and began to create.

Sadly, I've been a little neglectful and my poor studio was in need of a huge tidy up, then along came a challenge at Blue Bazaar from Coby to re-organise your space. This week's challenge is organising your tools. I started on them, then progressed on to everything else. So one half of my space is looking pretty neat, tidy and organised,

the other half, well, I will get there!


  1. Oh my Sue, what a wonderful studio!! You have done an amazing job in organising it thus far. Best wishes for the last leg.

    Love Coby

  2. What a great space!! Im feeling guilty that Im seeing so many people undertaking Coby's challenge and Im not doing any thing! lol.

  3. Wow Sue, your space is so cool....a caravan! I was joking about having a caravan as a scraproom just the other day. You're doing an excellent job organising! Margie


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