Thursday, December 27, 2007


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Our leadup to Christmas involved making gingerbread men for presents (most got eaten before given out though, check out the top row, 3rd from left, this is Lachlan's vampire gingerbread man), and the usual running around and organizing.

Look what I just had to make for my very special present.

This ipod nano was my extra Chrissy gift from my SIL and her new hubby, I was the photographer at their wedding in October and they must have thought I did an ok job as I was spoilt with this.

Other presents I received were a juicer, do you know how long I have wanted a juicer? I'll be juicing every fruit and vegetable under the sun now, and a spa mat for our bath, I now have the whole health spa experience happening right here at home. Oh and a tow bar put on our car - we really needed this.



  1. Wonderful gifts! The pocket is so cute and I love the gingerbreadmancookies! happy new year in advance! hugs,Monique


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