Sunday, October 9, 2016


Unfortunately plastics take a really long time to break down and the high levels of plastics in landfills, oceans and even remote areas of the planet paint a rather bleak picture of the future for plastic pollution.
One big thing we can all do is to reduce the amount of plastic products we are buying and using. This will reduce our own exposure to plastic pollution, our planet’s plastic load, and will often save money as well. A great way to reduce plastics in the home is to make a one off purchase of reversible bowl covers. These covers are made from 100% cotton fabric coated in vinyl for easy wiping.
This set of 3 reversible bowl covers come in the following sizes:
1 x small covers a bowl up to 7"
1 x medium covers a bowl up to 8"
1 x large covers a bowl up to 10"
$27 for set of 3 - postage extra
Reversible bowl covers can be purchased seperately or custom ordered.
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