Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 - TIME TO BEGIN AGAIN......

Hello out there, that's if you are still with me.  It's been a long time since I've blogged, in fact over 4 months.  To be honest I wasn't going to blog anymore, I've hinted on and off for a while about not feeling like it, but what do you know?  I now really want to blog.

So as you know this blog is for mostly craft, I really want to keep it that way so I guess sometimes there won't be a lot happening worth blogging about if I'm really busy with that thing called life.  One thing I have kept doing on a weekly basis, though not necessarily up to date, is my PL (Project Life). That went through a few changes also at the end of last year as I was trying to decide whether to go all digital for 2015 or hybrid.  Hybrid won out I'm pleased to say but I have been finishing of the last few months of 2014 digitally due to craft time issues.

I'm so happy to be back, I just hope there are still a few of you around to read what I'm up to.

So lets start with today, I wanted to make up a few cards to keep around for when needed, what prompted me to do this is when in Adelaide last week I bought some lovely flowers and wanted a thank you card to go with them for the lovely lady we stay with.  Anyway, the card was a small plain one with just thank you on it and a small decoration and they were asking $9 for it.  I decided to just say thank you in person as I simply couldn't justify the price for something so plain.

So I pulled out a heap of stuff from my stash and made these cards up, I hope to do some birthday cards too but can't find my happy birthday stamp so they will have to wait.

These cards are so simple to make just a doily, stitching, baker's twine, fabric strip, tags, stamp and fabric butterfly.  I think this one is my favourite.

This card is similar but I added an arrow paper clip for some interest.

I tried a patterned paper background on this card and I don't mind it even though I'm not really a floral person.

Before I could assemble the cards I needed to make some tags and fabric butterflies, out came the Big Shot which hasn't seen light of day for some time.

Thanks for staying with me and I'll be back tonight with an update on PL.

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