Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Well for the most part anyway.  On Sunday Lachie was scheduled to play a game against Warrnambool but thank goodness it was postponed due to extreme weather conditions.  The temperature reached 44.9 that day, the hottest day on record for Mt Gambier.

This is our second week back at school, Lachie is finding his way starting high school, last week wasn't a good week for him as he was battling an ear infection while working out where he was meant to be and when. 

Dan started year 12, oh my!  and he bought his first car.  Yes it's been a big month already.

I'm so proud of Dan, he saved hard from his part time job for this moment.  He turns 17 next week eeek.

Craft wise not a lot has been happening, I don't know if it's just been the weather but I've struggled to get any sewing done.  I have been working on my Project Life but I really need to make more of an effort.  Crochet on the other hand I've been picking up most nights.  When in Robe for our annual holiday last month I worked on my new rug quite a bit.  I love working with cotton during these warmer months.

Here's the progress so far......

Apart from trying to keep the veges alive, there's been little action on Brown's hill.  Thanks for checking in.



  1. Gosh those kids of yours keep you busy! Hopefully with Dan having his own car, it'll free up a little time for you? Hope to see some of your PL soon :)

    I haven't even started this year yet.

  2. thanks Alanna they certainly do keep me busy. I must take some photos of my PL, been a bit slack.


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