Saturday, January 4, 2014


Happy 2014!!!!

After having this latest bloggy break I have made some decisions regarding my blog.  Last year was tough blog wise, I felt that I had been sharing everywhere else via my Project Life and didn't feel the need to blog it all again.  Well of course I am happy to share my pages but there is so much more out there to write about so this year it's back to blogging regularly and hopefully when I get back into it, it won't feel like 'just another thing to do'.  This is my life and I want this journaling record that I have shared for 7 years to be a part of it.

I am changing the way I do Project Life this year, like blogging, PL was a struggle last year in fact I am still 9 weeks behind.  I don't think I was ever caught up last year so this year it won't be a weekly record.  I will record events and everyday life but just date them.  I may make a layout a week or maybe a month or even a day, who knows but one thing is for sure, it takes the pressure off.

As I write this post, I should be packing to leave for Adelaide once again as Lachie made the Country Cup cricket squad for the under 14's South East team.  This boy (like Dan) is talented but I can't help thinking that when he doesn't make it into a squad it won't be the worst thing that has happened.  You see Dan was always 12th man or just missing out due to the amazing talent that came though with his age group but Lachie just doesn't get how that feels because he has never missed out.  We will see what the future holds, of course I want him to succeed but understanding both sides isn't a bad thing.

After Adelaide we travel to Portland for 3 days as Lachie will be playing in Country Week then we get out annual holiday in Robe for a week.  Oh we look forward to that every year!

While we are on Lachie, he graduated from year 7 in December and this year will be in high school, I'm kind of pretending that is not happening.

One week in particular in December was huge for many reasons Lachie and Sophie's birthdays, cricket, carols, graduation, dance concert.........  So busy but so wonderful to have all of this going on in our lives.

Oh and I finally sat down just before Christmas and started quilting a quilt!  I know, it's been a while.  Of course the next day I changed my mind about the quilting and spend another day unpicking and re-quilting.

Gosh now that I've started typing there is so much to write about but that is for another post as I really need to pack.

Thank you for your patience with my little blog and I hope you continue to read.



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