Monday, November 25, 2013


You know sometimes when you swear you are not going to start yet another project so close to Christmas and then you keep seeing all these gorgeous albums and kits popping up all over facebook and you join groups to see more of the loveliness, well December Daily (DD) is one of those little projects.

My one and only DD album was made way back in 2008, I had full intentions of doing one every 3 years but when it came time to make the next one, I got as far as making the album and cutting the pages and just never got to see it through.

Now that I do Project Life I didn't really see the need for a DD album but then thought how cool it would be to make a cute little mini album just for the month and gave in.

Today I got my album and other goodies to begin planning and I have to say I'm excited, did I happen to mention in the last post I am very busy renovating Sophie's room? sighhhhh


  1. I wasn't going to do it either but yesterday one an evalicious voucher on Amy's blog and now have the jingle all the way album on its way. Planning on making its simple and only using what's in the kit

  2. LOL congrats Melissa, I plan to keep it simple too.


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