Sunday, November 24, 2013


I ended up having a day off of sports on Saturday as Sophie didn't have any dance rehearsals and the boys were rained out with cricket.  What was I to do?  Well I thought I probably should make a start renovating Sophie's room for her birthday but first I had to figure out where to put all of her stuff!!! 

Dan left today for school cricket in Adelaide so I have 4 nights to hopefully get most of the room finished as Sophie will now sleep in Dan's bed while he is away.  I put the boys beds into bunks so I would have room for Sophie's furniture etc and finally tomorrow I can start renovating.

What a poor sad room it is now it's empty, I can't wait to make it special for my baby girl.
BTW the walls are not dirty it's my camera lense.

LOL Lachie has just now informed me that he wants to stay in Sophie's empty room in a swag, he's set it up along with the tv and playstation.

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