Wednesday, June 26, 2013

PROJECT LIFE - WEEKS 16 TO 21 - previously posted 11/06/2013

On the weekend I went to Kingston for a scrapbooking retreat, I had a ball catching up with Christine again and meeting 2 other Project Life Australia members Alanna and Kerry.

I got quite a bit done thank goodness as I was getting further and further behind.  So here it all is, be warned there's quite a few photos.  For a better look just click on the photos.

WEEK 16 - left page
WEEK 16 - right page

WEEK 17 - left page and insert
WEEK 17 - right page and insert

WEEK 18 - left page
 WEEK 18 - right page

WEEK 19 - left page

 WEEK 19 - right page
WEEK 20 - left page

 WEEK 20 - insert 1
WEEK 20 - insert 2

 WEEK 20 - right page

WEEK 21 - left page and insert

WEEK 21 - right page and insert

Week 21 still has a few pages to complete as it was a huge week up in Adelaide, I will be working on it again tonight and hopefully be up to date in the next couple of days.
Thanks for staying with me though this post.



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