Monday, March 18, 2013


Oh where to begin with my crafting pursuits?   I thought I'd share the progress of my granny ripple today, it's slowly growing but because of unseasonly hot weather and the size of my blanket, it is taking it time.

I have just joined in on Mel's ripple-a-long I began this blanket pretty much the same time as the ripple-a-long but thought as mine was different I would just sit back and read about how the participants were going.   Today I saw that one lady is also doing a granny ripple and that prompted me to join up.

I am trying to do at least 10 rows/week as 1 row takes around 1/2 hour to complete.  I am using 100% wool, some from Bendigo Wool, some from Spotlight and some from my stash. This blanket sure does take up a lot of wool, approx. 1 x 50g ball for 2 rows.  I am using a 5mm hook and the width of the blanket is 2.4m.   It will be so worth it in the end and can't wait for it to be on our bed.

Thanks for looking.

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