Monday, December 3, 2012


The birthdays are creeping up and I am finding myself a little un-prepared.  Lachie has decided against camping (he has a huge fear of snakes) so it looks like there will be 2 parties here at home, Lachie's on Saturday and a sleepover and Sophie's after school on Monday.

The 25 metres of bunting needed to be tackled and I made it as simple as possible.

Grab all of your scraps and some ribbon (I picked up 25 metres for $5 the other day).
Cut triangles with scissors all different sizes and chain piece them onto the ribbon.
There you have it, pretty bunting in a flash.
I will take a better photo at the party when the bunting is hanging under the verandah.


  1. Love it! Great for a girls birthday or for Christmas with festive fabrics.

  2. oh, hard to have to suddenly plan for two parties. Has he always been scared of snakes or did something happen?
    the banner is beautiful.

  3. nothing has happened to him, he just really has a thing about snakes and where we live, there's plenty of them.


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