Tuesday, November 27, 2012


For those new to my little blog here's a heads up on how I have to plan for two of my children's birthdays in December.   I have Sophie and Lachie's birthday on the same day and no they certainly are not twins.   Sophie will be turning 9, Lachie 12 and their big day is only 2 weeks before Christmas so some extra planning has to be done to ensure that all goes smoothly as well as fit in their parties around sport, markets, dance concerts, school Christmas carols etc etc etc. Sigh.....

Last year we simply couldn't make it work so we had a small family affair and both kids had a friend for a sleepover.   This year I promised parties and initially Lachie wanted his at paintball, but after two weeks in Adelaide playing cricket it was out of the question money-wise.   Lachie has now chosen to go camping with 3 mates, Darren is going to put the tent up and cook them food!  I don't get to go this trip as our local market is that weekend and it will be huge and if the kids want pressies for Christmas, I need to be there.  See what I mean about fitting it in?

The birthday's are on a Monday and Sophie's party will be after school for a few hours, now here comes the crafty bit, I really want to make her party girly and homemade so today I made the treat bags for her friends.

I love how they turned out and I haven't blown money on more plastic that will be thrown away. 

Do you see my 'new' tablecloth?   I found it in an op-shop last week for $1.  I think it's gorgeous, perfect for my style atm.

Tonight I will make a start on the 25 metres of bunting I want to make for the party.


  1. Those bags are adorable. I'm sure the girls will love them.

  2. Wow those bags look fantastic, lucky girls. Love the tablecloth too!!

  3. what did you use to keep them sturdy like that?

  4. Hi Lisa, I only used the 2 layers of fabric but boxed the bottom so they sit flat.


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