Monday, September 17, 2012


Darren and I left the kids and went to Daylesford. 

We had a lovely time but I do have to admit it was a little too full of city folk for my liking.

On Saturday we drove up to Bendigo for me to go to the Bendigo Woollen Mills, I was in heaven and I'm so thankful for my ever patient partner who sat in the shop, offered advise and didn't look at his watch once.
This is what I finally settled on.
and of course I sat by the open fire and played with my purchases that night.
On the way back from Bendigo we stopped at Maldon and The Village Patch.   I broke my fabric diet just a little and bought some cute pieces.
I worked quite a bit on this blanket
I am now crocheting the border, I can't wait to show you it finished.


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