Monday, May 14, 2012


My day started with hugs and some lovely handmade gifts and cards from Sophie and Lachie.

Then from 8am to 6pm I was in the footy canteen slaving over a deep fryer [sigh]. At around lunch time Dan turned up and gave me a huge hug (he's such a sweetie) and after working to feed others all day, there was no way I was cooking dinner that night so Fasta Pasta it was.

Here is my other present that I have only flicked through as I was far too tired last night for a proper look.  I look forward to a hot cup of tea in front of the heater going over these recipes in detail tonight.

The way this beautiful book is presented is amazing and makes me smile, right down to the gorgeous recipes, lovely crafts and velvet flocking on the cover.


  1. Lovely! The book looks great. Happy mothers day.

  2. I knew you wouldn't resist for long. I hope you really enjoy your book, it looks like fun.

  3. hi Sue, glad you had a great mothers day , even if you did have to work, love the cookbook, lve just been looking at some of your quilts,how lovely they are, l enjoy quilting to, but much prefer to do lots of stitching on mine, lve been missing you at the creative mum and your PL


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