Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Last month I received an amazing gift from a dear online friend and talented artist, Wendy. I have been meaning to post about the artwork that she sent me but as you know, I've been in a bloggy funk lately. Of course when I went to photograph this artwork and other goodies received today, the weather was terrible and I couldn't get good photos. Thank you so much Wendy for your wonderful gift, it is treasured.
So today I went to the post office and I had 2 parcels waiting for me (how lucky am I?) Firstly, from another very talented online friend Gloria @ rage against mediocrity is this gorgeous album she made especially for moi!!!! She asked me to pick a theme and I chose "gypsy". I wish everyone could see this album for real as the texture and elements used are just stunning. I can't thank you enough g and can't wait to fill the album.
Lastly, I won these fantastic little bits and pieces from Leena @ findingnana. I can't wait to use up some of the word cut-outs in my project life albums. Did you notice the washi tape? I'm so excited. Thank you so much Leena.
Once again I apologise for the poor quality photos in this post.


  1. HI Sue. So glad it arrived safely and you like it. It's pretty "gypsy" i hope I didn't go overboard...
    Wendy, that is a gorgeous painting! I had NO IDEA you painted? is that something I should have known and I am completely oblivious to the world around me or WTF???
    anyhoo...It's amazing.



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