Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's been a while in the planning, this is the 3rd attempt to scrap our honeymoon photos from 19 years ago!!!! I have completed a mini album in 6" x 6" form, then changed my mind and made a 8" x 8" album and now I am making a full size 12" x 12" album. Re-doing these pages is a challenge in itself but I really wish I could take these photos with todays technology then I would really have something to work with. Sigh.......

Here are the first 2 pages, I was wrapped to see that one of my favourite companies, Graphic 45, brought out a tropical theme line, these papers are what I will be working with for this album.
journaling reads: Yes we agree this is not the most attractive photo. But; If you were just married and only had a few hours sleep, spent 5 hours driving to Melbourne, sat in an airport for 12 hours, boarded a plane for a 16 hour flight, arrived the day before you left in another time zone, spent 2 hours getting through customs, then had your photo taken...
How good would you look??

Waikiki Beach

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  1. Great layout. Its so hard to scrap old photos. Especially those with red in them for me. Its great that you are getting to it. :)


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