Saturday, January 7, 2012


Yes it's that time of the month again. Wow it came up fast, it's market time.
After spending the good part of a week in Horsham with Daniel playing cricket, I haven't really made a lot of new stuff. I crocheted some really cute boys and girls bunting (sorry, no photo as yet), I made another sprocket pillow as a custom order and I made up lots of bookmarks.

I have decided to take up only one challenge this year and that will be Emily Falconbridge's journaling prompts. Before Christmas I bought 3 journals with the intent of writing every day.
Well that worked for a couple of weeks but now with this challenge I will be writing every week and have prompts to help me. The theme for 2012 is Remember When...? I love this idea as it was only yesterday I was talking to my mum about something that reminded me of Nanna, funnily enough, Emily's journal prompt is Nanna this week. I want to set aside some dedicated time to journal not only this challenge but also everyday happenings as well. I want to feel free enough to include a little art journaling should the moment take me or just write, no pressure just recording thoughts.


  1. Hope you find the time to start filling those journals Sue :) Have fun at the market and all the best for 2012!
    Aga xx

  2. Sue lovely to look at all your accomplishments everytime I check. I too am a fan of Emily Falconbridge, more than a fan actually, her Mum is one of my closest friends, and I have known Em since she was a baby. I am often in awe of her creativity. Keep up the great work, you inspire me.

  3. love your journals Sue...where did you get them...also good luck with the challenge

  4. Hi Wendy, I brought them at Target, they are lined but that's okay, I'll paint over them if I want a blank page.


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