Sunday, January 15, 2012


I have been throwing out rubbish and furniture from my caravan. I'm tired!

You see, my van had become some-what of a dumping ground for any unwanted items in our home and I had had enough. It was time to get brutal.

I wanted to make some curtains but didn't have any money for fabric so I pulled out some scraps I had and made some patchwork curtains.

Here is the studio end of my van.

My desk now has shelves to the back of it thanks to a cd stand now tuned on it's side. I added a lining and cut some scallops for decoration.

The lounge area.  Now that I have room, I hope to be able to put in fold out beds for sleep-overs as there really isn't much room in the boys room for friends to stay.

This is what I pulled out of my van, some will go to the rubbish dump but most will go to the salvage centre that supports the disabled.

Well I have to say that I love my van all over again and can't wait to finish the curtains and some other accessaries. I want to paint the outside of the van this summer, hmmm I wonder what colour?


  1. Sue you did a wonderful job and I love the idea of turning a Caravan or Camper as we call them in the US into a craft/sewing studio. The curtains are so wonderful good job :)

  2. ooh wow!! That so cool! I wanted to do something like that, but its so hot here. I love your caravan.

  3. How lovely! I would love to have the trailer turned into a sewing/ craft area. Now if we could rid us of cold and snow it would work. I think the curtains are lovely.

  4. Sue, it looks fabulous!!!!!! Love it, love it, love it :-) Can I be cheeky and ask what you're doing with the shelf in the rubbish pile? I'd be very happy to take it off your hands if you like :-)

  5. Wow, aren't you clever! The curtains look great and the craft end of van is sooooo...organised.
    I've a craft corner that needs a make over too.
    I saw a little wooden shelf in your discard pile and would encourage you to look at the restored shelf on the 'Mockingbird Hill Cottage'blog under'Before and After:Display Shelf' which looks great.
    Also roadside junk is a good way to get a lounge for the other end in the van and free. I often get items and it save it going to the tip:)


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