Friday, January 13, 2012


Once apon a time I used to dye. I loved playing with colour and dyed fabrics and wool, then other addictions took over and I forgot how simple and how instant the gratification was.
Today I dyed some vintage doilies to use for scrapbooking. I will definately be fitting some more dyeing into my life.


  1. Have you been in my head, lol?!?!? I've been thinking about doing *just* the same thing, I've got wool and cotton dyes, and Kool-Aid, and a week of holidays left :-) I've even felt the sewing bug niggling at me again :-) They look gorgeous Sue, I can see a cushion in them, too :-) Hmmm, you've given me an idea now! All part of my goal to be more intentional this eyar (including starting blogging again, go figure!!!)

  2. Hi, they look great! What dyes do you use to do such a small amount in so many different colours? I would like to do some like yours...


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