Monday, November 21, 2011


Today thanks to you-tube I made my first rounds. Thank goodness for left handed crocheters that make videos.

Here are my first attempts......
At least I got to practice, see my mistakes and find a solution.

These ones look better......
I want to buy some nice 100% wool but really should keep practicing on this cheap acrylic first. I've been eyeing off Debbie Bliss' baby cashmerino to make a rug or maybe some cushions. The wool comes in vibrant colours which is exactly what I want, but it will have to wait as it's pricey.

I probably need another addiction like a hole in the head but I can see the benefits of being so portable especially for next week in Adelaide.

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  1. Well done Sue!!

    LOL....yeah like we all need another craft addiction.

    I've been wanting to try crochet again as well. I use to do a bit many years ago, even made myself a lovely jacket. Hmmm something to think about.

    BTW I love your hook holder. I saw those fabrics in Spotlight just the other day, very nice.


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