Sunday, November 20, 2011


I really want to learn how to crochet properly, I've made a couple of things but I want to know how to make flowers and different pretty stitches. I've decided that the only way it makes sense to me is to watch you-tube videos for left-handers so that is what I'm doing when I have some spare time.

I made up this crochet hook wrap today to keep my hooks in one place. It's a smaller version of the pencil wraps I make to sell.

I love Denyse Schmidt's Salty Aire fabric range and will make a bag for my wool out of the same range.


  1. So cute! You make great effort learning crocheting, you are a talented, inspiring woman!


  2. Oh lovely! I think I might have to make something similar. Although I've a very novice sewer, only got my first machine the other week and haven't even played with it.
    Can I ask where you got those gorgeous hooks from?

  3. Love it - it will certainly help inspire you to crochet! The Denise Schmidt fabric line is gorgeous, I just picked up some of it today from my local spotlight at 50% off! Good luck with crocheting - it is one of my favourite hand crafts and it is quick and easy and I love that it is so portable- I always love to have a crocheting project on hand, especially when I am travelling.

  4. thanks everyone. Becci the bamboo hooks are from Lincraft.

  5. Sue the wrap is lovely.

    I was just at Becci's blog where I told her this and now it's time to tell you. If you are thinking of crochet you might like to visit

    As I just said to Bec, I think you'll love Lucy.


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