Saturday, July 16, 2011


While Op Shopping yesterday I saw this cute bookcase that had just been put out into the shop. It was a bargain and there was no way it was staying there.

Now my fabric has a place all on it's own instead of sharing with the books. The shelves weren't quite as tall as the orginal spot so I spent all day re-cutting my chipboard holders down by 3/4" and re-folding every piece of fabric.
This turned into quite a good exercise as there was fabric I had completely forgotten about and have now realised just how much I really do have!


  1. That is a great looking shelf and fabric collection!

  2. Woohoo!! Love it when you find great stuff while cleaning and organizing! :) Darling bookshelf too!

  3. How wonderful Suejoy the fabric looks wonderful in it
    Cheers Pam

  4. lovely shelf, Sue. Your material looks so gorgeous in there it would almost be a shame to use it..... I guess you will just have to continue restocking it!

  5. Just what I could do with more storage space for my stash. That shelf is just right for your fabric and everything looks so neat.


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