Saturday, February 19, 2011


I couldn't help but buy these great "must have in your stash" fabrics from Spotlight today. I had a voucher and got 40% off.

I started on my Spice Up The Kitchen swap and will be making a few more of these blocks for my partner.

I will be making 2 pot holders, a trivet, a set of produce bags and if I have time, a wall hanging.

My partner loves bright geometric designs and spots. The colours in her kitchen are orange and green and she likes string quilts. I hope she will love what I make her.


  1. I just bought a lot of those same fabrics from Spotlight! Nice and bright.

    Love your blocks!

  2. oooooooooh love those fabrics! A trip to spotlight might need to happen soon!

  3. Spotlight can be a dangerous place.

  4. The new fabrics are definite must haves great choices Suejoy. I LOVE what you are making for your swap partner and would love some stylish pot holders that popped with colour in my new kitchen. :)

  5. Sue......

    this is your no spending month.......

    what happened?


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