Friday, December 24, 2010


While I have been super busy cooking all day today and I have loved every moment of it, I really wanted to be making fabric bags for presents to go in instead of using paper this year.

Here is one I made and come next Christmas I will have a big stack of bags all different sizes ready to pop the presents into.

Have a wonderful safe, happy Christmas. Thank you for coming back time after time reading and commenting on my creations.



  1. I really wanted to make fabric wrappings this year, but maybe next year... May you and yours have a lovely day x x x

  2. Dear Sue, you are such an inspiration on sewing,on growing your own veggies and on the way you stand in life! I wish you a very happy Christmas and all the best for the new year! Hope my gift will arrive soon,keep an eye on the mailman! Hugs!


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