Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I joined up over at Flickr to make one of these scrappy mug rug thingymawhatsits. Really it is a oversized coaster to hold your cup of tea and a snack to go with it. I think they are a cute idea and so quick to whip up.

I need to make 2 of them to send out (long story) so last night I made the first.

This mug rug is fully reversible, the front was made by weaving the two fabrics then quilting over the top. Something I have wanted to try for a while.

The back is very simply pieced but I wanted to be able to use both sides for a different look depending on the mood.

This next photo is of my free swatch I received from Spoonflower with my artwork on it. I'm very happy with the colouring and fabric.


  1. I love the colours on that one. I have made three already. I will probably make a lot more by the send out date.

  2. Looks good. Could this be a tutorial on the forum or is it too hard for beginners?

  3. I might have toadd this to my todo list - i'm sure i'd use one

  4. I looooove the fabric from Spoonflower! Your own design? how cute!

  5. i like your fabric from Spoon flower!so cute.


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